Welcome to 2×2 Global

Invitations come to us in all forms and varieties. Some arrive in the mail, some are hand-delivered, most these days are electronic in nature while others are extended as a spoken word. Along the way a few get lost in a stack of mail or deleted from an inbox, but most invitations are either gladly accepted or politely declined. Rarely do we receive an invitation with the thought in mind that by saying yes it has potential to greatly impact our lives.

For Mark, one such invitation came on a Wednesday night at his home church when he was 15 and his youth minister walked into the high school class and asked the question, “Who would like to go on a mission trip this summer?” For Beth, it was an invitation for her family to go on a medical mission trip to Honduras when she was only 10 years old. For Mark, it was walking across Bison Square his freshman year of college on his way to an afternoon class when he was invited by friends to go on a spring break trip to Mexico. For Beth, it was sitting in chapel her sophomore year of college when an invitation was extended to join a summer trip to Australia.

For both of us, we are fortunate to have been provided opportunities to get involved in missions from a young age. Looking back, we see now how our response to these invitations to participate in missions not only shaped our worldview but significantly shaped the foundation of our faith. Our response to these invitations not only took us out of our comfort zones, but they provided us meaningful relationships with the global church, right here at home and around the world.

Last year, we received another invitation. This time it wasn’t a piece of mail or an email, but an invitation from God, calling us into a new season of ministry where we could take Mark’s experience of nearly 15 years with Lipscomb Missions, package it into a product and duplicate it elsewhere by equipping others to serve. It was this invitation that led us to launching 2×2 Global.

2×2 Global exists to change lives across the globe by equipping schools to serve through missions. Whether a school is looking to start from scratch or strengthen its foundation to grow, our purpose is to help schools build long-term, sustainable missions programs. Our desire is to intentionally create a culture of service and missions that not only deepens relationships within that school community, but also has a global impact in the locations in which they serve.

We look forward to connecting host partner ministries with mission teams who are best suited to serve their needs. We look forward to coming alongside a school and helping them step into a bigger vision than they might have ever imagined possible on their own. Whether it’s working with a K-12 school that has 300 students or an accredited private college of 10,000 students, through consultation and coaching, we will customize our in-depth installation process that best fits the strengths of each individual institution. Serving together can change the dynamic of a group, which can impact the culture of a school and develop a generation of students into servant leaders.

In Luke 10 we see that Jesus sends out 72 of his friends two by two into the nearby towns and villages, and when they returned from their missions, they “returned with joy.” It was this invitation that helped spread the gospel and propelled the Christian faith. It was this joy from teaching and serving that has been contagious ever since.

Whether as a prayer warrior or as a friend who helps make connections or as a school looking to mobilize your students to serve, we invite you to join us on this journey.

Welcome to 2×2 Global.

Mark and Beth Jent, founders
2×2 Global