The First: Riverside Christian Academy

The first of anything is always extra special. Although there is usually a second, third or fourth to follow, there is something  memorable about the first. Whether it’s your first day of Kindergarten (shout out to Mrs. Love Smith) or it’s getting your first car (hand-me-down, maroon ‘87 Pontiac Grand Am!), whether it’s going to your first concert (‘93 Garth Brooks @ MTSU), or buying your first house (5004 Danby Drive….moment of silence) – the first of something will stay with you for years to come. I don’t remember saying my first word, tying my shoes for the first time or even how old I was when I rode my bicycle in the driveway without training wheels, but I vividly remember my first job (Lewisburg Rec Center!), hitting my first homerun (thank you Robbie McDaniel / Cornersville) and my first mission trip (Jefferson City, TN). As we get older, we have kids, we change jobs, we move houses, so the firsts of anything occurs less and less, yet that doesn’t make it any less significant when we do find ourselves celebrating a first.

Nearly a year ago as Beth and I found ourselves being called in to this new season of ministry to launch what is now 2×2 Global, we often asked ourselves, “Who will be first? Who will believe in us enough to be the first one to sign up?” Isn’t it powerful to know that that long before we had even thought about that question, God already knew the answer to it.

With that said, we are excited to announce that as of March 1st, Riverside Christian Academy (Fayetteville, TN) is the first school to partner with 2×2 Global! A private Christian K-12 school in southern rural middle Tennessee that sits on 38 acres, Riverside Christian was founded in 2001 and is comprised of 320 students.

James Bryant, President of RCA, contacted us back in mid-December before 2×2 Global was officially opened for business. Through a multitude of connections, Bryant had heard about our new missions consulting venture and was so intrigued that he invited us to come for a visit even after we told him that we were still more than a month away from being ready to do so. “As a small school, RCA has limited resources to establish an effective mission outreach on our own and we felt that the experience that 2×2 Global brings will allow us to do amazing things that we might not otherwise be able to do ourselves,” says Bryant. “We feel that by expanding the opportunities for service that we are definitely giving our students the tools that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others for years to come.”

Shortly after our initial December visit, Bryant repeatedly told us that he wanted RCA “to be first” as he said. His determination and boldness to take a step of faith has been both encouraging and energizing as we laid the foundation for 2×2 Global. Bryant’s enthusiasm for launching RCA Missions quickly became contagious to those around him, “I am most excited to see our students, staff, parents, and board members leaving our campus to go across the country and out into the global community to serve in the name of Christ.”

Although we anticipate adding many schools in the years to come, we are thrilled that James Bryant and the RCA community will always be the first for 2×2 Global!

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