About Us

Mark and Beth Jent are passionate about short-term missions. Both grew up in small towns in southern middle Tennessee and their faith was shaped by those who poured into them from an early age. Both were very involved with their church youth groups, which is where they were each introduced to missions at a young age. Even though they grew up a mere 30 minutes apart from each other their entire lives, and then studied on the same small college campus together for three years, Mark and Beth didn’t meet until they were on the same mission team (in an airplane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean) on their way to Australia for a three week trip. Missions has shaped their relationship from day 1.

Having participated in or led over 60 mission trips combined, Mark and Beth have seen the life-changing impact of sustained short-term mission trips both in the lives of those who go and in the lives of those who receive. During Mark’s 14 years at Lipscomb Missions, they launched and led annual spring break mission trips to Cozumel, Mexico, where they partnered with Ciudad de Angeles. Each summer since 2004, the Jents have led a group of 12 students on a month-long trip back to the place that once brought them together in Brisbane, Australia, where they partner with the Holland Park Church of Christ. This highly relational mission trip focuses primarily on youth outreach and discipleship.

Originally from Lewisburg, Tennessee, Mark attended Lipscomb University where he received a BS in business in 2000 and later his MBA in nonprofit management in 2009. Out of undergrad, Mark spent 3 months interning for a church in Brisbane, Australia, then returned home to work the 2001 NFL season for the Tennessee Titans in community relations as a seasonal member of the CR team. At the completion of that season, in 2002-2003 Mark was the first director of special events at the Nashville Rescue Mission where his focus was on creating awareness and fundraising. In the fall of 2003, Mark returned to his alma mater to help build what is now known as Lipscomb Missions. During his time at Lipscomb from 2003 through 2017, the program grew from merely 15 teams sending 200 people per year on trips, to today where it mobilizes an average 900 people per year, on 55 trips to 10 U.S. cities and 25 countries abroad. Mark enjoys faithfully following his Dodgers, anything baseball history, hiking at Radnor Lake, the Bourne Trilogy, a good road trip, coaching his boys’ baseball team, spending time with friends and making his wife laugh.

Originally from Fayetteville, Tennessee, Beth attended Lipscomb University where she received her BS in Social Work. In 2003 she graduated from the University of Tennessee with her Masters of Science in Social Work. After working with the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office at Juvenile Court, Beth returned to Lipscomb in 2006 to teach in the Social Work Department. After teaching full-time for five years, she reduced her load to teach in 2012 and became an adjunct professor in order to spend more time at home with their kids. Working on the same college campus together allowed Beth to be heavily involved in Mark’s work with Lipscomb Missions. She enjoys reading, riding bikes, mentoring relationships, spending time with family and friends and doing (almost) anything that elicits laughter from her kids.

Married in 2003, Mark and Beth live with their three children in Nashville, TN. Their kids Brooklyn, Harrison and Zach have each been on multiple mission trips to both Mexico and Australia, beginning before they each turned one. Serving together through missions is woven into the fabric of their family. As a family they love to go on bike rides, chase waterfalls, hike new trails, have family movie nights and see who can build the longest Hot Wheels track. They also once had a hamster named Buttercup.

The Jents desire to use the knowledge and experience that God has given them to empower and equip schools to build a sustainable missions culture.