2×2 Global Partners with NCSA

As a new startup, 2×2 Global is always on the lookout for networking opportunities and connections that will enable us to share our vision with potential partner schools. One such opportunity was presented to us last summer, months before we even became an official entity when Greg Glenn, Lipscomb Academy’s Head of School, mentioned that he would get us in touch with Kelly Moore from the National Christian School Association (NCSA). This has proved to be an invaluable connection for 2×2 Global as the NCSA provides guidance and accreditation to it’s 98 member schools in 26 states comprised of more than 30,000 students.

Moore not only invited 2×2 Global to become a new business partner with the NCSA, but he welcomed us to join him at the annual conference March 6-8 in Lexington, Kentucky as both a vendor and a presenter. During the three day conference, we were able to meet with administrators from schools all across the country and share with them our vision and passion for mobilizing students to serve through missions. From a 48 student school in rural Indiana, to a nearly 1000 student school in our very own Middle Tennessee, and every size school in between were present to learn best practices and to fellowship with others who are also leading their own institutions.

As a new business partner with the NCSA, we were given vendor space that allowed us to meet and introduce 2×2 Global throughout the conference. On the final day of the conference, we had the opportunity to present in a breakout session on the impact missions can have in a faith-based secondary school setting. Drawing from Mark’s nearly 15 years experience of helping build and lead Lipscomb Missions, we were able to present tangible key factors that a school needs to consider when developing a missions program.

Since the conference, 2×2 Global has been following up with great contacts made and looks forward to partnering with NCSA schools for years to come!

To learn more about the NCSA visit their website at http://www.nationalchristian.org.